Safety/ Health
During our inspection we will identify Potential Safety Hazards and potential health risks to raise our clients awareness and keep their family safe.


Deferred Cost
As part of the inspection we will inspect all HVAC components, the structural integrity of the property, plumbing, Electrical, Etc. and identify potential high cost repairs and/ or system replacements that our clients may expect to budget for in the near future.  


Home Energy Report

Throughout this report, you will find information about the efficiency of the major systems in the home, and recommendations for improvements that can help reduce your energy bills while making your home more comfortable. Keep in mind that these estimates and recommendations are based on a typical family's energy usage. Click Below for more info!



Home Inspection

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"Congratulations on your New Home....

Thank you for choosing Home Boss Inspection! We offer a thorough  home inspection that focuses on you and your Families Safety, Health, & Investment. We will provide you the information to Keep your Family Safe, in a healthy environment, as well as identify defects that could be costly in the near future."  - Tim Lower CPI Alabama License HI-4156

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